Everywhere, every day, children are affected by violence and abuse

Better protection of children from DV and GBV through sharing good practices between Norway and Bulgaria
10/07/15 16:22

Alliance for Protection against Gender Based Violence, Bulgaria and HEDDA Foundation (http://heddafound.no/new-hedda-project-in-bulgaria/), Norway start new 1 year joint project focused at better protection of children from Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence through sharing good practices between Norway and Bulgaria.

The project aims to support the process of developing a full program of stopping domestic violence and gender based violence, to improve protection service for battered women and children and youth who live in an environment of violence.

One of the most important goals will be to support development of policies and legislation on protection of violence against children, including recognition of children witnesses of violence as victims by the institutions.

Based on the outcomes and conclusions made within project initiatives (survey among the NGOs server providers to children victims of violence and institutions; and 3days international conference) the strategy for better protection of children from violence will be developed.

Long term effect and sustainability of the project:

- The improvement of national and regional cooperation between involved institutions from both countries

- Awareness raising about Domestic violence among the institutions

- Development of effective prevention

- Strengthening the knowledge and competence on protection of Domestic violence among institutions and organizations in Bulgaria

- Creation of favorable conditions for changing attitudes on Domestic violence and Gender based violence in the society

The project will motivate institutions from both countries to share experience and knowledge for better prevention and protection from Domestic violence and other forms of Gender based violence.

In addition the project will support better mutual understanding and knowledge between Bulgarian and Norwegian institutions and organizations and will create opportunity for further common initiatives.

The program is financed by Fund for Bilateral Relations at National level for Bulgaria within the EEA FM and NFM 2009 – 2014.

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